Side Quest: The Weapon Shipment

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You'll receive this quest from the wounded soldier at the Industrial Port (#1).


Before dying, the wounded soldier will tell you that there's a boat on the river with a weapon shipment for the Resistance, and that it's waiting for a signal from the lighthouse before docking. With nobody else from the Resistance around, you'll need to head over to the lighthouse (#2) yourself and operate the controls there to signal the boat. When you do, the boat will arrive at the dock (#3), but when you get there to greet it, a dozen or so electric werewolves will ambush you, and you'll have to defeat them.

After the battle, when you talk to Anton the weapon smuggler, he'll reward you with an Eastwood .303 and 500 xp.

1 - Wounded Soldier

2 - Lighthouse

3 - Dock

  1. Exit to the Sewage Plant.