Main Quest: Protect the Lair

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For this quest you'll need to defend the Secret Lair from an attack by Professor Fulmigati's minions, including his chief general Breda. This is essentially a tower defense mini-game. Before starting, you should visit Borislav Tveter (#5) and research upgrades to traps and the generator. This will maximize your defensive capacity while giving you the most options for your defense.

When enemies attack, they'll start out at one of four positions (#1), and they'll try to make their way to the gates leading to the lair (#4). To prevent this from happening, you'll be able to use Van Helsing and Katarina to attack the enemies, and you'll also be able to place traps. For best results, notice that the enemies will have to pass through one of two rooms (#2, #3). What we'd recommend is that you place most (if not all) of the traps in the hallways leading to the western room (#2), and place five monsters-in-a-box inside the room. That way the werewolves from the traps will stall the enemies in the hallways, where the traps will take them out. But note: you'll have to defeat all sorts of enemies, from little rat-things to big behemoths, so it's a good idea to employ a variety of traps.

Note: The sewer tunnels leading to the lair will start out with a few traps placed. You can remove these traps (and get a refund on them) by right clicking on them.

To begin the quest, you'll need to talk to Vlados (#6) and tell him that you're ready. You'll then face off against three waves of attacks. In between each wave, you'll get a couple of minutes to collect loot and perhaps make some changes to your trap layout. Then at the end of the third wave, Breda and his entourage will appear. The easiest way to deal with Breda is to lure him back to your deathtrap room and let your traps and werewolves help you out. Once you've completed the final battle, you'll earn 1000 xp as your reward.

Note: If you can defeat all of the enemies without any of them reaching the lair, then you'll receive the achievement Spotless Defense.

Another Note: There isn't any way to fail this quest. You can allow every enemy to reach the lair if you want. This will just cost you the xp and loot from the enemies. All you'll need to do is kill Breda's party at the end.

1 - Enemy Spawn Points

2 - Chokepoint Room 1

3 - Chokepoint Room 2

4 - Lair Gates

5 - Borislav Tveter

6 - Vlados