Side Quest: The Swamp Lilies

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You'll receive this quest from Saffi in the Secret Lair after defeating the guard posts during the quest Kill Fulmigati's General.


Saffi will ask you to fetch her eight Swamp Lilies for a concoction that she's planning. You'll find all of the lilies in the Industrial Port (#1). They'll be next to the water, and they'll be bright yellow, so they should be easy to spot. When you bring the lilies to Saffi, she'll give you a choice of three potions:
  • A potion for +20 spellpower and -25 HP (a good choice for casters)
  • A potion for +40 HP and -15 mana
  • A potion for 6 ability points, -20 HP, and -12 mana (a good choice for everyone else, since the ability points are worth more than the HP and mana lost)
You can also decline the potion. Regardless of your choice, you'll earn 500 xp for completing the quest.

"Be a hunter, they said. Kill the monsters, they said. No one said anything about flowers!"

1 - Swamp Lily

  1. Exit to the Sewage Plant.