Side Quest: Werewolf on the Run

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You'll receive this quest from Dr. Dampf in the Secret Lair at the start of Chapter 3.


Dr. Dampf will tell you that a scientist called Le Docteur has been experimenting on werewolves, mostly to turn them into electric werewolves, but that the subject of one if his more "mysterious experiments" has escaped and is hiding out in the Rookery. When you accept the quest, you'll immediately be sent to a nighttime version of the Rookery, where you'll be tasked with rescuing the werewolf.

Inside the Rookery, the zone will be reset, so you'll have to do some fighting, but you'll also find some containers that you can loot for extra Machine Parts. When you eventually come to Arkady (#2), you'll have two ways to approach him about the werewolf. You can offer him 500 gp for information, or you can threaten to throw him into the river. Either way, he'll mention that he's supposed to sail out with "the ugliest wolf in the world" tonight, but that the wolf is late. If you pay him, then he'll also mention that people are interested in the notes the werewolf is supposed to have.

Past Arkady, you'll come to the werewolf's corpse (#3). If you learned about the notes from Arkady, then you'll find a Werewolf Note on the corpse. Otherwise you won't. You'll then decide that you should hunt for the werewolf's killers, who you'll find nearby (#4). They'll drop their own Werewolf Note when you defeat them, whether you learned about the notes or not.

With your main objective for the quest now complete, the exit back to the Secret Lair (Exit A) will become available. When you use it and return to Dr. Dampf, he'll give you a reward. If you found both notes, then you'll receive 3000 gp and 1000 xp. If you found only one note, then you'll only receive 1000 gp. Regardless, you'll also earn a random "yellow" item and 500 xp for completing the quest.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Arkady

3 - Electric Werewolf Corpse

4 - Stitchfiend Minions

  1. Entrance to the Secret Lair.