Side Quest: Salvage Mission

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You'll receive this quest from Dragan in Markovna after completing the quest Find the Mayor.


Dragan will ask you to retrieve five Rusty Bombs from Gallowsbog. You'll find them on the southern side of the map, near the crashed zeppelin and the big red button. However, while there are five bombs that you can pick up (#1), there are also five that will explode when you click on them (#2). You can tell the difference by looking at their wiring. The good bombs have red wiring while the bad ones have green wiring (you might need to zoom in to see this).

When you deliver the Rusty Bombs to Dragan, he'll reward you with 1500 gp, 2 ability points, and 250 xp. If you managed to avoid blowing up any bad bombs while completing the quest, then you'll also earn the achievement Explosives Expert.

1 - Good Bombs

2 - Bad Bombs