Location: Gallowsbog

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1 - Runestone

There are eight runestones in Gallowsbog (#1). If you activate all of them, then you'll trigger the quest "Spirit of the Forest," and a Frenzied Forest Spirit will appear next to the bridge connecting the northern and southern parts of the map (#1a). To complete the quest, you'll need to defeat the spirit, which will earn you a random "yellow" item, 1 skill point, and 400 xp. The spirit will also drop a Bone Relic, which you can use to earn gp (at #7) or ability points (at #10).

2 - Treasure Chest

Inside this chest you'll find a Mysterious Gemstone, which you'll need for the statue in Markovna.

3 - Goat Carcass

If you've spoken fully to the drunken villager in Markovna, then at this spot you'll find a goat carcass, and clicking on it will net you a Diamond Essence.

4 - Wisp

When you get close to the wisp (#4), it will lead you to the western edge of the map (#4a), where it will summon some friends and attack you. At the end of the battle you'll find some random equipment and a Bone Relic. You can use the Bone Relic to gain 1500 gp (at #7) or 2 ability points (at #10).

Note: This wisp is not a Riddle Wisp.

Another Note: If the wisp gets stuck while leading you west, you should be able to get it going again by teleporting to Markovna and back.

5 - Rusty Bombs

You'll find 10 Rusty Bombs in this part of the map. You'll need to pick up five of them for the quest Salvage Mission.

6 - Big Red Button

If you press the button, then eight Dreadknechts will pop up and attack you. However, once you've defeated them, some random equipment will pop up as well.

7 - Professor Toad

Professor Toad is an archeologist. He'll show you the location of the Ink Gate that you'll need to reach for the quest Find Your Way to the Mines. He'll also buy Bone Relics from you for 1500 gp each, but you shouldn't take him up on his offer, because you can also get ability points for them (see #10).

8 - Frog Statues / Frog Altar

If you rotate the frog statues (#8) so they're facing the frog altar (#8a) then you'll trigger the quest "The Frog Statue," which will cause the bosses Tweedledee and Tweedledum to appear at the altar. To complete the quest, you'll just need to defeat the bosses. For your efforts, you'll receive a random "yellow" item and 500 xp. One of the bosses will also drop a Bone Relic, which you can use to earn gp (at #7) or ability points (at #10).

9 - Dreadknecht Camp

This camp is involved in the quest The Blacksmith's Request. Inside, you'll have to defeat numerous Dreadknechts and also an Electriferous Beast. The beast will drop a Bone Relic when it dies, which you can exchange for gp (at #7) or ability points (at #10).

10 - Great Gluttoner Idol

If you have any Bone Relics (which you can earn at #1, #4, #8, and #9), then each one you toss into the idol's mouth will earn you 2 ability points and 200 xp. You can also sell the Bone Relics for 1500 gp (at #7).

11 - Boss Fight

You'll have to defeat the bosses here to access the Ink Gate (Exit G) next to them. This battle is covered in the quest entry for Find Your Way to the Mines.

$ - Treasure Chest

  1. Gate to Markovna.
  2. One-way drop to the Nest. The Nest will only appear if you have the Thaumaturge DLC and you're playing a thaumaturge.
  3. Ink Gate.