Location: The Statue

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Note: To see how to arrive at this location, please refer to the Mysterious Gemstones page.

When you arrive at the Statue (at Exit A), you'll begin close to a statue of King Borislav, plus five treasure chests (#1), but you won't be able to approach them. If you try, then you'll just get blown backwards. To reach the statue, you'll need to insert three Mysterious Gemstones into two Guardian Statues (#3). This will remove the warding spell. You'll find the necessary gemstones scattered around the area (#2, #4-7).

When you reach the statue, you'll get attacked by a Mad Wizard who will want the treasure for himself, but he'll be all alone, and so you shouldn't have too much trouble with him. Afterwards, you'll probably find several random "yellow" items and essences inside the chests, but the real treasure is inside the statue. If you have the Mysterious Key from the King Borislav statue in Markovna, then using it on the statue will net you King Borislav's Scepter, the best trophy in the game.

1 - King Borislav Statue

2 - Elyctrical Strongman Minions

You'll encounter a group of Elyctrical Strongman Minions here. One of the minions will drop a Mysterious Gemstone.

3 - Guardian Statues

4 - Domovoy Corpse

You'll find two Mysterious Gemstones and more when you click on the corpse.

5 - Lesovik Chieftain

You'll encounter a Lesovik Chieftain here, plus a group of Shadow Lesoviks. The chieftain will drop a Mysterious Gemstone when it dies.

6 - Treasure Chest

You'll find a Mysterious Gem and more inside the chest.

7 - Pale Gentleman Champions

You'll encounter a group of Pale Gentleman Champions here. One of the champions will drop a Mysterious Gemstone.

  1. Portal back to the Old Town.