Location: Sewage Point

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1 - Beggars

The beggars in these spots will ask you for 50 gp each. If you pay them, and if you also pay the beggars in the Rookery, then a raised bridge (#5) will lower, giving you access to the quest The Beggar King (at #6).

2 - Bridge Overcharge Regulator / Raised Bridges

If you click on the Bridge Overcharge Regulator (#2), then you'll blow up the machine keeping the bridges (#2a) raised, allowing them to be crossed.

3 - Guard Posts

At each of these guard posts you'll encounter a bunch of enemies. You'll need to wipe out all of the guard posts for the quest Kill Fulmigati's General.

4 - Beggar

Unlike the other beggars in the area (#1, #6), this one won't encourage you to donate any money. Instead, he'll ask you what you fight for. If you tell him that you want to "help the innocent and fight evil" then he'll give you the Hat of the Fox. Otherwise he won't give you anything.

5 - Raised Bridge

To lower this bridge so you can cross it, you'll need to pay all of the beggars on this map (#1), plus all of the beggars in the Rookery.

6 - Beggar

If you pay the beggar 50 gp, then he'll give you the quest The Beggar King, which will cause the portal to the Hideout (Exit C) to appear.

7 - Conversation / Essence Shipment

Around here (#7) you'll overhear a conversation, and you'll learn that an "essence shipment" was hidden "by the portal near the mansion." If you go to the spot described (#7a) then you'll find six random essences.

  1. Entrance to Secret Lair.
  2. Entrance to Abandoned Research Station.
  3. Portal to the Hideout. You'll need to pay a nearby beggar (#6) to make the portal appear.
  4. Exit to the Industrial Port.
  5. Ink Gate.