Location: Dreadworks

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1 - Starting Point

This is where you'll begin in the area.

2 - Red Button

If you press the red button here (#2), then you'll flambé the rat creatures loitering nearby (#2a).

3 - Force Walls

When you first arrive at the Dreadworks, these purple force walls will prevent you from visiting about half of the area. To get behind them, you'll need to reach the Secret Lair (Exit A), which will give you access to the Ink Gate (Exit G). Eventually, during the quest Start the Generator, you'll power down the force walls.

4 - Treasure Chest

When you open up this treasure chest, you'll discover that it's a trap, and a bunch of rat creatures will attack you. "Well done! You walked straight into a mousetrap."

5 - Mattias

You'll meet the shopkeeper Matthias here. He'll sell you a little bit of everything. Later, after you've discovered the Secret Lair, he'll move his shop to there.

6 - Elevators

These elevators will allow you to reach different levels of the Dreadworks. You won't be able to use the elevators on the eastern side until after you've spoken to Borislav Tveter (#12).

7 - Vrikolak Corpse

When you click on this corpse, you'll find a Mysterious Gemstone, which you'll eventually be able to use on a King Borislav statue in the Old Town.

8 - Gutterlark Gnawer

You'll face a Gutterlark Gnawer here. It will drop a Dragon Scale when it dies.

9 - Riddle Wisp

The wisp here will give you the following riddle: "It begins but has no end... yet it ends all that begins." The answer is "death." If you get the answer right, then the wisp will give you the Fifth Element. If you get the answer wrong, then the wisp will attack you.

10 - Gaspar and Saffi

When you reach this spot, you'll automatically rescue Gaspar and Saffi, who will then make their way to the Secret Lair.

11 - Dangerous Generator

If you activate the generator, then a bunch of Rusalkas will come storming out the Ink Gate (Exit G) and attack you.

12 - Borislav Tveter

You'll need to talk to Borislav for the quest Start the Generator.

$ - Treasure Chest

  1. Entrance to the Secret Lair.
  2. Ink Gate.