Location: Rookery

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1 - Rat Corpses

When you click on these corpses, you'll find a Rat Bone, which you'll need for the quest The Ritual.

2 - Beggars

You'll meet six beggars in the Rookery. Each one will ask you for 50 gp. You'll need to donate money to all of them if you want to trigger the quest The Beggar King.

"You should really start gathering an army of beggars."

3 - White Rat

Near this spot you'll discover a white rat. If you chase it around for a bit, then it will drop a Glowing Rat Liver, which you can eat for a permanent bonus of +25 to all resistances.

4 - Darko Palarier

Darko will give you the quest Clean Water.

5 - Fishing Spot

If you use this fishing spot without any bait, then you'll receive a pair of Rugged Boots, a quest item that isn't used for anything. But if you have Mutant Bait (from #6) with you, then you'll receive a Mutant Fish. The Mutant Fish is bad. If you eat it yourself, then you'll lose 10 HP permanently. If you drop the fish at the cat nearby (also at #6), then the cat will die and drop a random item.

6 - Arkady / Old Crate / Cat

You'll find three things of interest at this spot:
  • Arkady. Depending on the version of the game you're playing, it's possible that Arkady won't start out here. If that's the case, then to make him show up you'll need to talk to the beggar to the west (#2).

    After talking to the beggar to the west (#2a), Arkady will appear here. He'Arkady is a merchant. He'll sell you a Gas Mask and some random "yellow" items. Later, after you've completed the quest The Assistant, he'll move to the Secret Lair.

  • Old Crate. When you break open the crate, you'll find Mutant Bait, which you can use at the fishing spot (#5)

  • Cat. You can kill the cat using the Mutant Fish from the fishing spot (#5). It will drop a random item when it dies.

7 - Zdravko Mediu

Zdravko will give you the quests The Dark Alchemist and Roaming Monsters.

  1. Entrance to the Secret Lair.
  2. Entrance to Old Tunnels. You'll need to visit the Old Tunnels for the quest The Gas Projector.
  3. Ink Gate.