Main Quest: The Gas Projector

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After completing the quest Start the Generator, when you talk to Vlados in the Secret Lair, he'll tell you that Professor Fulmigati has been developing a poisonous gas that can turn people into mindless slaves, and that he's planning to test it out in the oldest part of the sewers. That means you'll need to fight your way through the Rookery (reached via the exit gate in the lair) so you can disable the gas machines in the Old Tunnels.

Note: After accepting this quest, the first time you use the ink gate in the Secret Lair, you'll be sent to a Lost Place instead of your intended destination. While in the Lost Place, you'll find more Bone Relics and you'll be able to toss them into another Great Gluttoner Idol for extra xp and ability points.

Inside the Old Tunnels, you'll discover four Experimental Gas Machines (#1). To reach them, you'll have to battle a bunch of spitters, breeders, masterminds, and even a Mastermind Genius, so it's a good idea to buff up your poison resistance if possible. Then to disable the machines, you'll need to destroy the Phlogiston Containers at their heart.

After disabling all four machines, when you return to Vlados, he'll reward you with a random "yellow" item, 500 gp, and 300 xp.

1 - Experimental Gas Machine

  1. Entrance to the Secret Lair.
  2. Entrance to the Old Tunnels.
  3. Ink Gate.