Side Quest: The Lightning Traps

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You'll receive this quest from the inventor at the Gables (#1).


The inventor will tell you that Fulmigati uses the "strange contraptions" (aka lightning traps) on the rooftops to power his creations, and that you should destroy them. You'll have a dialogue option where you can refuse to do this, since the lightning traps could be used to power Borgova, but this isn't really an option. Refusing to destroy the lightning traps will just decline the quest, and you won't get anything.

You'll find four lightning traps on the rooftops (#2). To "destroy" them, you'll just need to click on them. The lightning traps won't blow up or anything, but they'll power down, which apparently is close enough. After destroying all four traps, you'll automatically complete the quest and earn 1000 xp. You won't need to return to the inventor.

Note: This quest won't influence anything later in the game.

1 - Inventor

2 - Lightning Trap

  1. Ink Gate.