Side Quest: Journey to the Ink

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You'll receive this quest from Doktor Schrieck in Markovna (#1) after you've completed the quest Speak with the Romany Leader.


Schrieck will tell you that he lost "a bag of valuable components" in the Ink Well nearby (#2), and he'll ask you to fetch it. When you enter the well, you'll be transported to an Ink Rift (#3). Inside the rift, you'll have to do some fighting, but you'll only have one way to go, and so you shouldn't have any trouble spotting the Alchemist's Bag in the treasure chest at the end (#5). Just be sure to be vigilant during your trek. Along the way you'll also pass by a treasure chest containing a Mysterious Gemstone (#4), which you'll need for the statue in Markovna.

When you pick up the Alchemist's Bag, a portal will appear right next to it, and entering the portal will take you back to Schrieck in Markovna. Then when you give the bag to Schrieck, you'll receive a random "yellow" item, 500 gp, and 150 xp.

1 - Doktor Schrieck

2 - Ink Well

3 - Ink Rift Starting Point

4 - Treasure Chest

5 - Treasure Chest