Side Quest: Living Ghost

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You'll receive this quest from a wandering ghost in Croakwood (#1).


When you talk to the wandering ghost, you'll realize that it doesn't realize that it's dead. If you ask Katerina to make the ghost follow you, then you'll have two ways to help it move on:
  • You can lead the ghost to the sacred altar (#2). This will cause it to understand what happened, and it will leave peacefully.

  • You can lead the ghost to its body (#3). However, when the ghost sees that it was murdered, it will decide to avenge its death -- against you -- and then it will attack you.
Either way, the ghost will drop a random "yellow" item when it leaves / dies, and you'll also receive 250 gp and 200 xp.

"So that's how vengeful spirits are born. By meeting tactless spirits."

1 - Wandering Ghost

2 - Sacred Altar

3 - Hanging Corpse