Main Quest: Through the Tunnels

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For most of this quest, you'll just need to make your way through the Orichalcum Mines. This shouldn't be too complicated. You'll face hundreds of spiders, including an Arachnid Leviathan (#1), but they shouldn't cause you too many problems as long as you proceed slowly and carefully.

However, when you reach the Hauling Station (via Exit A), you'll encounter the main boss for the chapter, the Drill Worm (#4). The Drill Worm won't attack you directly, but it will summon spiders, and it will cause patches of the ceiling to fall on you. There isn't anything you can do about the former -- the spiders will just keep on coming no matter what -- but for the latter, targeting markers will appear on the ground, allowing you to avoid the falling rubble. Better yet, the spiders won't notice these markers, and so you can use the falling rubble to decimate your opponents.

The easiest way to kill the Drill Worm is to use the machinery in the Hauling Station. If you activate the four chargers (#2) and then activate the elyctric discharger (#3), then you'll stun the worm for a few seconds, and you'll make it much more vulnerable to damage. So run around killing spiders and activating machinery, and then concentrate on the worm when it's vulnerable, and then repeat. When the Drill Worm eventually dies, you'll receive the Ghastly Shape trick, a random "yellow" item, 1500 gp, and 800 xp. The worm will also drop a bunch of high quality random gear.

Note: If you can kill the Drill Worm without using the machinery on it, then you'll earn the achievement Who Needs Machines When You've Got SWAG!

To complete the quest (and the chapter), you'll just need to take the ropeway conveyor to the Dreadworks (Exit B). You won't get a reward for this.

1 - Arachnid Leviathan

2 - Chargers

3 - Elyctric Discharger

4 - Drill Worm

Local Exits
  1. Entrance to the Hauling Station.
  2. Ropeway conveyor to the Dreadworks.
  3. Ink Gate.