Side Quest: The Dark Alchemist

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You'll receive this quest from Zdravko Mediu in the Rookery.


Zdravko will tell you that the Dark Alchemist has released "liquefied phlogiston" onto the streets of the Rookery, and that the substance is doing bad things to the people who come into contact with it. He'll then ask you to blow up the vent (located right next to him) where the substance is coming from.

To blow up the vent, you'll need a bomb. You can find one at Arkady's store (#2). If Arkady hasn't shown up yet, then you'll need to talk to the beggar to the west of his position (#3). Arkady will charge you 1200 gp for the bomb. There isn't any way to avoid or reduce the price.

After buying the bomb, when you click on the outflow vent next to Zdravko, you'll blow it up, but then the Dark Alchemist and a bunch of ghouls will attack you. After defeating them, when you talk to Zdravko again, he'll reward you with a random "yellow" item, 1500 gp, and 500 xp, and he'll also give you the quest Roaming Monsters. Moreover, if you drink from the revealed "puddle of goo" located just to the southwest (#3), then you'll gain either +50 or -25 poison resistance permanently.

1 - Zdravko Mediu

2 - Arkady

3 - Beggar

3 - Puddle of Goo