Side Quest: The Blacksmith's Request

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You'll receive this quest from Boris in Markovna after completing the quest Find the Mayor.


Boris will tell you that the "machine-men" (aka the Dreadknechts) have a camp in Gallowsbog, and he'll ask you to go there and retrieve the "strange substance" that powers them. You'll find the Dreadknecht camp on the eastern side of the area (#1). Inside the camp you'll get attacked by several Dreadknechts and an Electriferous Beast. The beast will drop a Bone Relic when it dies, which you can sell to Professor Toad for 1500 gp (#2) or toss into the Great Gluttoner Idol for 2 ability points and 200 xp (#3).

After the battle, you'll need to click on the Electrostatic Discharge Apparatus. This will free the caged werewolves in the camp, and also give you the Essence of Electricity for Boris. If you spared Gruumsh during the quest Find the Mayor, then one of the werewolves will give you a Werewolf Spiritstone. Otherwise, the werewolves will attack you, and you'll have to defeat them as well.

When you return to Boris, you'll have to make a decision. You can hand over the Essence of Electricity for 1500 gp and a Scientist's Lightning Sword, or you can keep the essence for yourself. Either way, you'll also earn 2500 gp and 500 xp.

1 - Dreadknecht Camp

2 - Professor Toad

3 - Great Gluttoner Idol