Main Quest: Start the Generator

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After arriving at the Secret Lair, when you talk to Vlados, he'll tell you that the Elyctrical Generator in the lair is broken, and that you'll need to track down "a true adept of mechanical wonders" to fix it. You'll find such an adept in the Dreadworks. If you take the Ink Gate in the lair to travel to the Dreadworks, then you'll arrive in the part of the map that was blocked off before (Exit G), and you'll meet the engineer Borislav Tveter nearby (#1).

When you talk to Borislav, he'll tell you that you'll need four Electric Coils for the generator. You'll find them in four spots in the Dreadworks (#2). For two of the coils, you'll need to click on the generators for the force walls that blocked you previously (which will cause the force walls to disappear). For another you'll have to defeat an Electriferous Beast-King. And for the last you'll just need to destroy an old crate.

When you deliver the four Electric Coils to Borislav in the Secret Lair, you'll receive a random "yellow" item plus 800 xp, and Katarina will receive 2 skill points.

1 - Borislav Tveter

2 - Electric Coils

  1. Ink Gate.