Location: Secret Lair

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1 - Borislav Tveter

After rescuing Tveter during the quest Start the Generator, he'll appear here. Tveter will allow you to do a variety of things: forge new equipment (by combining three items into a new item), place traps (after completing the quest Enemy in Tunnels), and research upgrades. Tveter's research projects will give you improvements to the lair's generator, forge, and laboratory, and traps, but for some of the projects you'll need to find special quest items, which are listed below:
  • Electric Transformer Prototype (for a forge upgrade) - Found in an old crate in the Abandoned Research Station
  • Generator Plan (for a generator upgrade) - From Todor Schimko (#7)
  • Ink Essence (for a laboratory upgrade) - Received at the end of the quest The Beggar King
  • Trap Plan (for a new trap) - From Todor Schimko (#7)
Tveter will also give you the quests Enemy in Tunnels and The Assistant.

2 - Dr. Dampf

Dr. Dampf will allow you to add and remove essences from equipment. He'll also give you the quest Werewolf on the Run.

3 - Vlados

Vlados is the head of the Resistance. He'll give you all of the main quests in the game, and he'll also allow you to respec Katarina.

4 - Matthias

After rescuing Matthias in the Dreadworks, he'll show up here and sell you a little bit of everything.

5 - Storage

6 - Gaspar and Saffi

After rescuing Gaspar and Saffi in the Dreadworks, they'll show up here. Gaspar will allow you to respec your skills and abilities, and Saffi will enchant items for you. Gaspar will also give you the quest The Ink Is Coming, while Saffi will give you the quests The Ritual and The Swamp Lilies.

7 - Todor Schimko

After meeting Schimko during the quest The Assistant, he'll show up here and become a gambling merchant. He'll also sell you a treasure map, which will trigger the quest Hidden Treasure.

If you have the Arcane Mechanist DLC and you're playing an arcane mechanist, then Schimko will also give you the quest Rogue Hunter-Machines at the start of Chapter 3.

8 - Arkady

After meeting Arkady in the Rookery, he'll eventually make his way here while you're in the Sewage Plant. Arkady will sell you a Gas Mask, and he'll sometimes have other "yellow" items in his stock as well.

9 - Sewer Tunnels

The tunnels on the southwestern side of the lair will come into play during the quests Protect the Lair and The Ink Is Coming.

10 - Rebel Soldier

If you have the Arcane Mechanic DLC and you're playing an arcane mechanic, then at some point while you're exploring the Sewage Plant, a rebel soldier named Antonov will show up here, and he'll give you the quest New War Machines when you talk to him.

  1. Exit from the lair. You can use this exit when you need to travel to the Dreadworks, Rookery, Sewage Plant, Industrial Port (Chapter 2 version), Old Town, or Industrial Port (Chapter 3 version).
  2. Ink Gate.