Side Quest: Rogue Hunter-Machines (Arcane Mechanist DLC)

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If you're playing an arcane mechanist, then you'll receive this quest from Todor Schimko in the Secret Lair at the start of Chapter 3.


Schimko will tell you that Professor Von Sturm once "infused some machines with the essence of the Ink," and that this infusion gave them extra intelligence and the ability to Inkwalk. Schimko will then reveal that the Resistance has finally found their lair, and he'll open a portal to it. You'll decide that you and Katarina should take them out.

When you go through the portal, you'll find yourself in the Machine Hive (#1). You'll encounter a variety of machines there, including wasp ornithopters and sentinel cannons, and after passing through a one-way portal (Exit A), you'll arrive at the island of the King of Machines (#2). The king has a lot of HP and it hits hard, but it fires slowly, and so you should be able to dodge most of its attacks while wearing it down.

When the king dies, it will drop a Machine Skull, and then when you return to Schimko (via Exit B), he'll reward you with an additional 700 xp for completing the quest.

1 - Starting Point

2 - King of Machines

$ - Random Treasure Chest

  1. One-way portal.
  2. Portal back to the Secret Lair.