Side Quest: A Dark Ritual (Thaumaturge DLC)

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If you're playing a thaumaturge, then you'll receive this quest from a pale gentleman in the Old Town (#1) in Chapter 3.


The pale gentleman will tell you that he needs some help with a ritual. All you'll need to do is go to the pentacle to the south, summon an ancient ghoul, kill it, and then return with its heart. You'll have two ways to respond:
  • You can help the pale gentleman. For this case you'll need to visit the five points of the pentacle (#2) in a counterclockwise order, killing the ghouls that you'll find there. You'll only encounter three ghouls at each point, so the battles should be easy, but there's an extra complication. At each point you should notice a red circle. If you don't kill at least one of the three ghouls in this circle, then you'll fail the quest. So you'll need to be careful about how you attack, and you might want to switch Katarina to ghost form so she doesn't accidentally mess things up.

    After defeating the ghouls at the pentacle's points, you'll next need to go to the pentacle's center (#3), where you'll meet the ancient ghoul. This ghoul will be much larger than a regular ghoul, but it won't be much tougher to kill, and it will drop a Rotting Heart when it dies. When you return with the heart to the pale gentleman, you'll get to make another choice: you can hand the heart over, or you can keep it and attack the pale gentleman (who will turn into a pale gentleman champion and ambush you slightly to the south). Either way, you'll earn a random "yellow" item and 1000 xp for your troubles.

  • You can stop the pale gentleman. For this case you'll need to visit the five points of the pentacle (#2) and defeat a pale gentleman and a trio of ghouls at each one. Once you've done that, you'll need to move to the center of the pentacle (#3), where you'll encounter the pale gentleman who gave you the quest (he’ll be a pale gentleman champion), plus a few more ghouls. When the pale gentleman dies, you'll earn a random "yellow" item and 1000 xp.
"Are you preparing something tasty from the Necromancer's Cookbook?"

1 - Pale Gentleman

2 - Pentacle Points

3 - Pentacle Center