Side Quest: The Priest's Lost Relic (Thaumaturge DLC)

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If you're playing a thaumaturge, then you'll receive this quest from Grigori the Elder in Markovna after completing the quest Find the Mayor in Chapter 1.


Grigori will tell you that his flock is starting to despair, and that he needs a powerful relic to "stir up the flames of belief." You'll find this relic in the Nest, which is located in eastern part of Gallowsbog (Exit A). Inside the Nest, you'll have to fight a variety of vilas, including a tough fight against champion vilas, a harpy queen, and more (#2). The harpy queen will drop a Blessed Gem when she dies. Picking up the gem will cause a portal leading back to Gallowsbog (Exit B) to appear, allowing you to escape from the Nest.

When you hand the Blessed Gem over to Grigori in Markovna, he'll reward you with a random "yellow" item and 300 xp.

"We should never touch such gems again."

1 - Starting Point in Nest

2 - Harpy Queen

$ - Random Treasure Chest

  1. One way drop-down to the Nest (#1).
  2. Portal back to Gallowsbog.
  3. Ink Gate.