Side Quest: New War Machines (Arcane Mechanic DLC)

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If you're playing an arcane mechanic, then at some point while you're in the Sewage Plant, a rebel soldier named Antonov will show up in the Secret Lair. When you talk to him there, he'll give you this quest.


Antonov will warn you that two dozen "soldier-machines" are being tested in the tunnels, and you'll decide to do something about it. You'll find the war machines in the Test Chamber, which you can reach via the main exit from the lair.

Inside the Test Chamber (#1), you'll first encounter a bunch of standard sewer creatures, but past them you'll come to a ramp leading up to a large room (#2), where you'll meet the war machines, including dreadknechts, automated cannons, strongmen, and sentinel mechanisms. The war machines will attack you en masse, so you might need to run back down the ramp so you can split the fight into two or more parts.

Defeating all of the war machines will complete the quest and earn you a 1000 xp reward.

1 - Starting Point

2 - War Machines

$ - Random Treasure Chest

  1. Exit to the Secret Lair. This exit is difficult to click on, so you might need to use a town portal to leave the area.