Side Quest: Lurking Hunter-Machines (Arcane Mechanic DLC)

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If you're playing an arcane mechanic, then you'll receive this quest from Captain Iliya in Markovna after completing the quest Find the Mayor in Chapter 1.


Iliya will warn you that you should be careful when exploring the old battlefield in Gallowsbog because it's still patrolled by "lurking, rusty hunter-machines." However, he'll add that the Mayor recently put a bounty on the machines, and so if you should happen to run into them, then you'll be rewarded for wiping them out.

The old battlefield is located next to the downed dirigible in Gallowsbog, in the same area where you'll need to find the Rusty Bombs for Dragan's quest Salvage Mission (#1). Scattered around the battlefield you'll encounter a handful of Automated Sentinel Cannons. These are the machines you'll need to defeat.

The game won't update the quest objective when you kill the Automated Sentinel Cannons -- until you've taken out the last one, at which point you'll need to return to Captain Iliya. When you do so, he'll reward you with 2500 gp and 300 xp.

1 - Old Battlefield

  1. Exit to Markovna.
  2. Ink Gate.