Side Quest: Gentleman Rivalry (Thaumaturge DLC)

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If you're playing a thaumaturge, then you'll receive this quest from a pale gentleman in the Industrial Port in Chapter 2.


The pale gentleman will tell you that he was exiled from his order and forced to vacate its headquarters, and he'll hire you to take some revenge for him. You'll find the entrance to the Underground Headquarters nearby, just down the steps next to the pale gentleman.

Inside the Underground Headquarters, you'll encounter ghouls, liquidators, and many pale gentlemen. You'll need to kill all of the pale gentlemen to complete the quest. On the highest level of the headquarters (#3), you'll also run into a bunch of twilight vila veterans, who will drop lot of jewelry when they die.

After clearing out the headquarters, when you return to the pale gentleman who hired you, he'll reward you with two random "yellow" items, 5000 gp, and 1000 xp. Then the gentleman will enter the headquarters and take it over for himself. You can follow him inside and talk to him if you want, but he'll just tell you to leave. There isn't any way to attack him.

1 - Elevators

2 - Pale Gentleman Champions

When you enter this room, the pale gentleman champions will start raising the dead gutterdarks all around them, and then they'll all start attacking you. You might need to do some attacking and retreating to survive the battle.

3 - Twilight Vila Veterans

  1. Exit to the Industrial Port.
  2. Ink Gate.