Location: Industrial Port (Chapter 2)

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1 - Swamp Lilies

You'll need to pick up these Swamp Lilies for the quest The Swamp Lilies.

2 - Wounded Soldier

The wounded soldier will give you the quest The Weapon Shipment.

3 - Domovoy Baggins

Baggins is a boss of sorts. He won't attack you, but he'll run around enough that he'll probably alert every enemy in the area. When Baggins dies, he'll drop A Certain Magical Ring.

4 - Domovoy Corpse

This is the corpse of the little domovoy you encountered in Gorgon Pass. When you click on the corpse, you'll find Domovoy's Sword plus probably a few "yellow" items.

5 - Hidden Treasure

This box is involved in the quest Hidden Treasure. You won't be able to open it unless you're on the quest.

6 - Elite Behemoth

You'll encounter an elite behemoth and many other enemies here. You'll have to defeat them for the quest Kill Fulmigati's General.

7 - Pale Gentleman

If you have the Thaumaturge DLC and you're playing a thaumaturge, then you'll meet a pale gentleman here who will give you the quest Gentleman Rivalry.

$ - Random Treasure Chest

  1. Exit to the Sewage Plant.
  2. Ink Gate.