Location: Gorgon Pass

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1 - Starting Point

This is where you'll begin in the game.

2 - Bridge

Outlaws will blow up the bridge when you get to it, forcing you to take an alternate route to Borgova.

3 - Outlaw Champions

Champions are tougher than regular enemies, so be prepared. These champions will give you enough reputation points to earn your first perk (although you might want to save it until you have better options to choose from).

4 - Suspicious Domovoy

Each time you hit the domovoy, it will drop something (including rare and magical gear), and so your goal is to hit it as many times as possible before it jumps off the edge of the map. To do this, you should switch to a ranged weapon (so you don't have to run up to it), you should use your fastest weapon (pistols are better than rifles), and you should use your Tar Shot power up (so you slow it down for 6 seconds). If you can get the domovoy to drop 20 items, then you'll earn the What's in the Bag? achievement.

S - Shrine

$ - Treasure Chest

  1. Gate to Markovna.