Location: The Old Town

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1 - King Borislav Statue

Just like in Markovna, you'll need three Mysterious Gemstones for this statue. You can find them in the vrikolak corpse in the Dreadworks, in a treasure chest in the Abandoned Research Station, and in the hidden treasure gained at the end of the quest Hidden Treasure. When you place the gemstones at the feet of the statue, a portal will appear next to it, which will take you to the Statue (Exit B).

2 - Force Fields

Force fields will prevent you from crossing the bridge here. There isn't any way to disable them, so you'll have to go around.

3 - Rebel Soldier / Castle

The rebel soldier here (#3) will give you the side quest "Surrounded Resistance Soldiers." He'll tell you that some of his comrades are trapped in the castle nearby (#3a), and he'll ask you to rescue them. To do this, you'll just have to fight your way to the upper ramparts of the castle, where you'll find three more rebel soldiers. When you talk to them, you'll complete the quest and earn a random "yellow" item and 500 xp.

4 - Rebel Soldier

When you talk to the rebel soldier here, he'll tell you that he found an Inkhopping Modulator, which will allow you to travel to one of three destinations: one labeled "flickering lights," one labeled "great ones," or one labeled "lost and found." If you agree to go then the soldier will create a portal leading to your choice.

The three Ink areas use the same map. The only difference is the enemies that you'll face in them. For "flicking lights" you'll have to battle marsh lights, for the "old ones" you'll have to battle champion creatures, and for "lost and found" you'll have to battle twilight vila veterans (and you'll find a mess of random jewelry).

5 - Gruumsh

This is a different Gruumsh than you met in Chapter 1. If you spared the earlier Gruumsh, then this one and his werewolf allies will agree to assist you in defeating Professor Fulmigati's minions, at least in their territory (which extends a little ways in all directions). If you killed the earlier Gruumsh, then you'll get the same offer from this one, except that he'll demand 10,000 gp for his services.

6 - Riddlewisp

This riddlewisp will ask you for the answer to "Life, the Universe, and Everything." The answer is "42" (which is a reference to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy). If you get the answer right, then you'll receive the Wisphunter's Guide to the Ink, which will give you +5 Willpower permanently. If you get the answer wrong, then the wisp will attack you.

7 - Force Walls

You'll need to visit each of these force walls for the quest The Palace of Machines.

"I've had it with these stupid force walls! We'll never get to Fulmigati. We must find another way."

8 - Pale Gentleman

If you have the Thaumaturge DLC and you're playing a thaumaturge, then you'll meet a pale gentleman here who will give you the quest A Dark Ritual.

$ - Random Treasure Chest

  1. Exit to the Secret Lair.
  2. Portal to the Statue.
  3. Ink Gate.