Location: Lost Place

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Area Note

After accepting the quest The Gas Projector, the first time you use the ink gate in the Secret Lair, you'll be delivered here instead of your intended destination, and you'll receive the quest "Lost in the Ink." You won't be able to teleport out of the area, so to escape, you'll have to fight your way to the exit portal (Exit A). When you do, you'll complete the quest, but you won't receive a reward.

Note: When you leave the Lost Place, you won't be allowed to return, so be sure to spend your Bone Relics at the Great Gluttoner Idol (#2) before departing.


1 - Starting Point

2 - Great Gluttoner Idol

Just like in Gallowsbog, if you toss a Bone Relic into the idol here, then you'll receive 2 ability points and 200 xp. You can find three Bone Relics in the area (at #3, #4 and #5).

3 - The Rabbit

At this spot you'll encounter a little white furry boss named the Rabbit. It will drop a Bone Relic when it dies. If you kill the Rabbit using The Bunnyslayer sword (which will complete the job in about two hits), then you'll earn the achievement Bunnyslayer.

4 - Restless Baronesses

At this spot you'll encounter a group of Restless Baronesses. One of them will drop a Bone Relic.

5 - Lady Mortitia

Lady Mortitia is a Restless Baroness boss. She'll drop a Bone Relic when she dies.

  1. Portal to the Secret Lair.