The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Equipment Database: Search Results
Category: Weapon (2H Sword) Min Level: 5
Req Class: Hunter Value: 5000

Damage: 10-14
Attack Speed: 1.3
Parry: [20-30]
Weapon Damage: +25%
All Attributes: +5
Fire Damage: +3   (requires 300 kills)
Lightning Damage: +3   (requires 500 kills)
Ice Damage: +3   (requires 800 kills)
Bash: 1 Bonus Level   (requires 15000 damage done)

A fabled sword, a true legend of the ages. The last time it was used by a monarch of a faraway land, the hero of two stand-alone games.

How Obtained:
• Croakwood - Pulled out of a stone, with the help of some Weapon Oil