Side Quest: Trouble at the Track

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At some point early in the campaign, when you enter the Market Triangle, a halfling named Thurlow Fezziwink will come up to you and ask to work for his cousin as a bodyguard. If you agree, then you'll trigger the quest.


Thurlow will tell you that his cousin is named Tudor Fezziwink, and that you'll find him at the Track (in the northern part of the Market Triangle). But then, sort of oddly, Thurlow will insist that you also deliver "a special blend of spices" to Tudor because "there's no job without it!"

When you enter the Track, you'll be searched, and you'll (temporarily) lose any Potions of Speed that you might have, but the door guard (#1) will let you keep the vial of spices that Thurlow gave you. If the door guard confiscates anything, then he'll give you a Potion Redemption Ticket, and you'll be able to get your items back when you leave.

When you talk to Tudor (#2), he'll first check that you brought the spices, and then he'll order you to buy him some drinks from the bartender (#3). When you return, he'll outline his plan to you. Apparently, Mordecai the Track owner has been manipulating the races at the Track, and his dog Big Bruiser has won 147 straight times. Tudor will then ask you to even the odds for his dog Daleland Downs by placing Tudor's Brew of Speed -- which he just created by combining the spices and drinks you brought him -- into his dog's bowl in the back rooms.

To enter the back rooms, you'll need to get past Grunt the door guard (#6). There are three ways to do this. You can use sleight of hand (in dialogue) to steal the key from him and then use bluff to trick him into leaving his post, you can use bluff to get him to leave and then have Rinara pick the lock on the door, or you can get Brom (#4) drunk and then steal his Track Guard Uniform from the nearby footlocker. Grunt will allow you to pass (and even open the door for you) if you're in uniform.

Once inside the back rooms, there are two ways that you can fix the race:
  • You can just walk right over to Daleland Downs' dog bowl (#7) and place Tudor's Brew of Speed into it. A goblin will spot you doing this, but it won't want to stick its neck out, and so you shouldn't have any trouble convincing it to forget what it just saw. And even if you fail and the goblin runs away, it'll just disappear rather than raise the alarm.

  • You can neutralize Big Bruiser's advantage. To do this, you'll need to head over to his dog bowl (#8). On your way, you'll overhear Mordecai's wizard Maelstrom and a track guard talking about Big Bruiser's "medicine" and the antidote he'll need to take after the race. What you'll need to do is put the antidote into the dish before the race starts. If you're skilled in alchemy, then you can use the nearby alchemist's workbench (#9) to brew your own antidote. Failing that, you'll need to follow the track guard into a storage room (#10) and then either trick him into giving it to you, or kill him for it.
When you return to Tudor (#2) after tampering with one (or both) of the dog bowls, the race will start and Daleland Downs will win. Mordecai won't be thrilled about this, of course, but he'll invite you back to his office (#11) so he can pay you. However, once he gets there he'll change his mind, and you'll have two options for how to proceed. If you're skilled in intimidate or bluff, then you'll be able to convince Mordecai to pay what he owes. Otherwise, you'll have to fight Mordecai and his goons. The battle can be tough, but if you survive then you'll find Maelstrom's Mesh, Mordecai's Morningstar, the rapier Hook, and more on the corpses. Either way, when you talk to Tudor afterwards, he'll reward you with 2500-3000 gp and 1500 xp.

1 - Door Guard

2 - Tudor Fezziwink

3 - Bartender

4 - Brom

If you talk to Brom, then you'll learn that he's a guard at the Track, and that he's tired and thirsty. If you then buy him some Ale from the bartender (#3), he'll pass out, and you'll be able to steal his Track Guard Uniform from the nearby footlocker.

5 - Bookie

The bookie will allow you to bet up to 100 gp (at 10:1 odds) on Daleland Downs. Since Daleland Downs is guaranteed to win the race, this is a good investment. Later, you'll also be able to bet up to 50 gp (at 2:1 odds) on random races.

6 - Grunt

7 - Daleland Downs' Dog Bowl

8 - Big Bruiser's Dog Bowl

9 - Alchemist's Workbench

10 - Storage Room

11 - Mordecai's Office

  1. Exit to the Market Triangle.
  2. Doorway between the Track and the Back Rooms.