Quest: A Star Is Born

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After progressing far enough into the campaign to meet Pentical Bleth (see the quest entry for An Unexpected Message for more information), when you next talk to Mintassan in his shop in the Market Triangle (#1), he'll give you this quest.


Mintassan will tell you that he dropped a diamond through a grate in the floor of his shop, and that it probably fell into the troll lair in Undergate. He'll then ask you to retrieve the diamond, and he'll promise you gold and "something special" if you succeed.

When you enter the troll lair, you'll be attacked by several severely-wounded trolls, so make sure you have a few ways to deal fire or acid damage, so you can finish them off. Charissa's Flame Strike spell can work for this, but if you aren't playing a wizard or a sorcerer, then you might need to buy some fire or acid ammunition from the weapon merchant in the Market Triangle (#2), and use ranged attacks to ping the trolls to death. You can also buy melee weapons that deal fire or acid damage -- the druid in the Market Triangle (#3) will have a couple -- but these tend to be very expensive.

When you reach the chieftain's hut, you'll meet up with four mercenaries (thus explaining why the trolls you encountered were so badly wounded), but they won't believe you when you tell them that you only entered the lair to pick up the diamond they just happened to find on the chieftain's corpse. The mercenaries will then teleport away with the diamond, but in the process one of them will drop a Signet Ring, which you'll automatically pick up.

To find the mercenaries, you'll need to identify the ring, which you can do by showing it to Mintassan (#1) and Salty Jack (in the Harbor Loop). Between the two, you'll learn that the ring bears the symbol of the Westblades, who have a hideout in the Market Triangle. Salty Jack will mark the location of the hideout on your map (#4), and he'll also tell you the "pass phrase" so you can get inside.

When you reach the hideout, Bonk the Doorguard will attack you when you try to recite Salty Jack's pass phrase, and he'll drop a Greataxe +1 when he dies. Then inside the hideout, you'll encounter a half dozen or so mercenaries, and they'll turn hostile when you approach. For best results, you should stay in the entry room of the hideout, which will cause the mercenaries to bunch up at the doorway, making them easy pickings for area effect spells.

After the battle, when you loot the corpses, you'll find a healthy selection of +1 and +2 weapons and armor, plus Greater Gloves of Swordplay and Mintassan's Diamond. When you return the diamond to Mintassan (#1), he'll show you the shooting star he created with his enchantment -- and also reward you with 3000 gp and 2000 xp.

1 - Mintassan's Mysteries

2 - Weapon Merchant

3 - Druid Merchant

4 - Westblade Guild Headquarters