Overview: Market Triangle

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1 - Gutted House

This house is involved in the quest The Deathtrap.

2 - Urdo Household

House Urdo is involved in the quest Okuzo's Honor.

3 - Podrick LeGrantz's Home

Podrick is involved in the quest Rooting out a Renegade (for the Ebon Claws).

4 - The Track

You won't be able to do anything here until you've triggered the quest Trouble at the Track.

5 - Telescope

If you pay 5 gp to use the telescope, then you'll learn a few things about the "seven hills" west of the city, and you'll earn 50 xp.

6 - Bohemund the Belligerent

Bohemund will cast spells and insult the people watching him. You won't be able to do anything with him, even if you're a caster.

7 - Mintassan's Mysteries

Inside Mintassan's Mysteries you'll find several displays of unusual items. None of the items will trigger quests or new lines of dialogue, but they're all interesting to read. You'll also meet Mintassan in the shop, and he'll sell you a wide variety of armor, scrolls and trinkets, including Mintassan's Miraculous Bracers and Larloch's Soul Stealer. Mintassan is also involved in the quest A Star Is Born.

8 - Massacre House

This house is involved in the quest Hounds in the Night (for the Church of Lathander).

9 - Crafting Merchant

The crafting merchant will sell you molds, essences, gems, and more. Next to the merchant you'll meet an annoying customer. The customer is funny, but his dialogue won't lead to anything.

10 - The Tower

You won't be able to do much in the Tower until you meet Pentical Bleth (see the quest An Unexpected Message for more information). At that point you'll also be able to complete the quest The Knot of Shou Lung.

11 - Druid Merchant

The druid merchant will sell you a variety of items, including a Mane of the Lion-God, a Tethir-Wood Cudgel, and a Root of Life. If you pass a lore check with the merchant, then you'll gain 50 xp. You won't be able to cure the merchant's cold.

12 - Westblade Guild Headquarters

You'll get to visit the headquarters during the quest A Star Is Born.

13 - Statue of Alias

If you read the inscription on the statue, then you'll earn 50 xp. If you read the inscriptions on all four statues in Westgate, then you'll also receive the Tourist feat.

14 - Abandoned House

The abandoned house is involved in the quest The King of Spiders.

15 - Lair of the Riddler

The lair is involved in the quest The Knot of Shou Lung.

16 - Weapon Merchant

The first time you approach the merchant, if you have Rinara with you, then the merchant will recognize Rinara's weapons -- and thus Rinara herself. If you're skilled in bluff or diplomacy or sleight of hand, then you'll be able to convince the merchant that he's mistaken and gain some influence with Rinara. The merchant will also sell you a wide variety of weapons, including a Dwarven Bloodstone Blade and Ogrum's Siegebow.

Note: If you succeed in your sleight of hand attempt against the merchant, then you'll receive a Dagger +1.

17 - Slicker

Slicker is involved in the quest The Deathtrap.

18 - Armorer

The armorer will sell you a wide variety of armor items, including Green Dragon Scale and Prismatic Chain.

19 - Shady Huckster

At various points during the campaign, shady hucksters will show up in the major districts of Westgate and attempt to sell you special items. Sometimes these items will be valuable, but something they'll be worthless, and only your ability with the Appraise skill will tell you which it is. From what we can tell, the type of item sold by the huckster is fixed at the start of the campaign, but whether the item is good or not is random, and is only decided when you talk to the huckster. So if you want to guarantee that you get a good item, save your game before making the transaction.

The shady huckster in this district will offer you a Golden Band, a Golden Harp, or a Platinum Ring for 1000 gp.

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