Quest: Investigating the Dark Dahlia
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You'll receive this quest when you talk to Pentical Bleth (in the Market Triangle Tower) after completing the quest An Unexpected Message.


Pentical Bleth will offer to help you investigate your mask, provided that you complete a few tasks for her in return. For starters, she'll tell you that the Dark Dahlia, a ship associated with the Night Masks, is anchored just outside the harbor, and she'll ask you to get on board the ship and discover what it is hiding.

The first thing you'll need to do for this quest is figure out a way to reach the Dark Dahlia. This is covered in the quest Finding a Ship. Once you've completed that quest, you'll be able to talk to Captain Merrig in the Black Eye Tavern in the Harbor Loop, and he'll offer to ferry you out to the ship.

On your way to the Dark Dahlia, you'll be attacked by a quelzarn. You won't be able to hit it with melee attacks, and so you'll have to rely on spells and ranged attacks. If nobody in your party has ranged capabilities, then you can loot some Light Crossbows and Bolts +1 from the barrels and crates on the ship, and use them to (slowly) bring the quelzarn down. You might want to use the crossbows regardless, because you won't be given a chance to rest after defeating the quelzarn.

When you finally reach the Dark Dahlia, you'll immediately enter combat, and it'll be your forces (including Captain Merrig and his pirates) against Captain Gothos One-Eye and a bunch of Night Masks. Afterwards, when you loot the corpses, you'll find a key and the battleaxe Stormbringer on Gothos' corpse. The key will allow you to enter the Dark Dahlia's cargo hold.

Inside the cargo hold, you'll find a sarcophagus, but when you open it you'll be attacked by the vampire Latasha. Latasha won't fare very well with four against one, and she'll disappear once you've done enough damage to her. But inside the sarcophagus you'll find a letter from somebody named Kajeel mentioning that "the safe house you ordered is secure and ready for use," and so you'll have a lead for where to find Latasha next.

When you're ready to return to Westgate, just talk to Captain Merrig. He'll drop you off in the Harbor Loop and then continue on his way. Then when you make it back to Pentical Bleth (in the Market Triangle Tower) to report on what you've learned, she'll reward you with 45,000 gp (or only 35,000 gp, if she gave you 10,000 gp before) and 2000 xp.