Side Quest: Dimples the Dancer

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You'll receive this quest from Little Davey in the Black Eye Tavern in the Harbor Loop (#1).


Davey will tell you that Dimples, the tavern's dancer, just suddenly stopped showing up to work one day, and he'll suggest that you talk to Marv (also in the tavern) to learn more. Marv will confirm Davey's story, and he'll add that Dimples did not talk about her private life, including where she lived, and that she was tall with brown hair and an athletic build.

You'll find Dimples in the City Watch Barracks in the Arena District (#2). She'll be labeled as a City Watch Guard, but she'll be singing and dancing -- and sometimes complaining about her ankle -- and you'll recognize her when you talk to her.

Dimples will tell you that she injured her ankle while chasing down a pickpocket, and that she never informed anyone at the tavern because she was afraid about how they might react to her day job. "I knew their customers wouldn't like the idea of a law enforcer constantly in their midst."

At this point you'll have two options for how to proceed.
  • You can immediately return to Marv and tell him that Dimples won't be returning.

  • You can attempt to heal Dimples' ankle. You'll be able to try this as many times as you'd like, but each try will use up a Healer's Kit, and the result will be random based on the quality of the kit and how many ranks you have in your heal skill. If you're successful (worth 50 xp), and if you tell Dimples that Marv wants her back, then she'll agree to return to the tavern in a few days, after she's taken care of some City Watch business. Otherwise, if you can't heal Dimples, or if you convince her that the tavern is beneath her, then she'll decide to ignore the tavern and never return to it.
Regardless, when you return to Marv at the Black Eye Tavern (#1), he'll reward you with a handful of potions, and you'll also receive 500 xp. If you refuse the potions, then your alignment will shift slightly towards good.

1 - Black Eye Tavern

2 - City Watch Barracks