Quest: The BTW Mystery

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You'll receive this quest when you loot Pentical's Journal (from her desk in the Market Triangle Tower) after completing the quest Lair of the Night Masks.


Between the journal, which will mention the Brother Tobias Winery, and the talisman you found in the Night Mask safe house, which had "BTW" engraved on it, you'll realize that the Brother Tobias Winery must be involved with the Night Masks in some way. You'll find the winery in the southwestern corner of the Arena District.

Inside the winery, you'll meet Tobias Timble (#1). He'll seem a little bit dodgy, but he'll allow you to look around -- provided that you're careful of the rats that have been coming up from the cellar. As you perform your search, you'll find some weapon racks (#2), which will look as though they've been used recently, and a journal (#3), which won't have any entries from the last three years, but which will mention strange noises coming from the cellar. And if you listen at the cellar door (Exit B), you won't hear any rats.

When you confront Timble about these things, he'll stop pretending to be a winemaker, and he and the "monks" (really vampires) with him will attack you. This turn of events will complete the quest and earn you 3000 xp. If you're playing some sort of a caster, then you might want to run into the back room while Mantides and Charissa block the doorway. Otherwise, just whack away at the vampires until they're dead. After the battle, you'll find Coffin's Call, a Sash of Shimmering, a Heavy Crossbow +3, Vampires: An Overview, a key, and more on Timble's corpse. The key will allow you to enter the cellar.

1 - Tobias Timble

2 - Weapon Racks

3 - Desk with Journal

  1. Exit to the Arena District.
  2. Exit to the cellar.