Quest: Lair of the Night Masks

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You'll receive this quest at the end of the quest The Mysterious Kajeel.


For this quest you'll need to investigate the Night Mask safe house (Exit A) that you learned about from Kajeel (#1). Inside, you'll run into the vampire Latasha again (#2), but no matter what you say to her, she and her three companions will attack you. This battle should be a little bit tougher than your first encounter with Latasha, but if you have area effect spells, then you should be able to dismantle the enemy party in no time. Once you've done enough damage to Latasha, she'll disappear again, but her companions will drop The Ravager, Zakarus' Staff, and more when they die.

After the battle, when you attempt to leave the safe house, you'll find a talisman on the floor next to the door (Exit A). Picking it up will earn you 2500 xp and complete the quest. The talisman will have the letters "BTW" engraved upon it, but when you return to the Market Triangle Tower to confer with Pentical Bleth, you'll discover that she was attacked and killed by vampires. This discovery will disturb Rinara, and she'll decide that it's high time to leave Westgate. Regardless of your influence with her, she'll then leave your party (but don't worry, you'll get her back soon enough).

When you examine Pentical Bleth's corpse, you'll find a key on it, which will allow you to open up her desk. Inside, you'll find 10,000 gp and Pentical's Journal. Looting these items will trigger the next quest, The BTW Mystery.

1 - Kajeel Portal

2 - Latasha

3 - Scroll

You'll find The Night King's Protocol on the counter here.

  1. Entrance to the safe house.