Overview: Undergate

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1 - The Dark Lady's Promise

Inside this temple, you'll meet High Priestess Velisha, who will sell you some evil but cleric-friendly items, including Shar's Belt of Priestly Might and a Ring of Holiness.

2 - Drow Merchant

The drow merchant will sell you a variety of things, including Great Wyrm Gauntlets and The Nomad's Ring. If you pass an appraise check with the merchant, then you'll gain a point of influence with Rinara.

3 - Shady Huckster

At various points during the campaign, shady hucksters will show up in the four major districts of Westgate and attempt to sell you special items. Sometimes these items will be valuable, but something they'll be worthless, and only your ability with the Appraise skill will tell you which it is. From what we can tell, the type of item sold by the huckster is fixed at the start of the campaign, but whether the item is good or not is random, and is only decided when you talk to the huckster. So if you want to guarantee that you get a good item, save your game before making the transaction.

The shady huckster in this district will offer you Black Gloves, Leather Boots, or a Silk Chapeau for 500 gp.

4 - Statue

This statue hides a secret passage, which you'll use at the end of the campaign.

5 - Dao Genie / Kajeel's

The genie is a door guard for Kajeel's. To get past him, you'll have to give him a special token, which you'll acquire during the quest Hunt for a Token.

6 - Locked Door

You'll be allowed through this door during the quest A Star Is Born.

7 - Troll Lair

You'll be able to enter the troll lair during the quest A Star Is Born.

8 - Strange Mirror

This mirror is involved in the quest Cult of the Faceless.

9 - Doorway

When you first open the doorway here, it will only lead you to a chasm. Later, once you've triggered the quest Lair of the Night Masks, it will lead you to the Night Mask safe house.

10 - Back Entrance to the Hidden House of Leira

You'll only be able to use this entrance once you've completed the quest Cloak of Mysteries.

11 - Thugs / Chest

During the quest The Knot of Shou Lung, you might meet a group of thugs here. You won't be able open the chest unless you defeat the thugs.

12 - Rock

This rock is involved in the quest Rats to the Slaughter.

13 - Duergar Quarter

You might need to visit the duergar quarter during the quest The Knot of Shou Lung.

14 - Lizardfolk Witch

The lizardfolk witch will offer you a variety of potions. She's also involved in the quest Tortured Hearts.

15 - Priest of Ilmater

When you talk to the priest, if you admit that you or your party is hurt, or if you pass a lore check about Ilmater, then the priest and a group of derros will ambush you and attempt to steal your gear. After the battle, when you loot the fake priest's corpse, you'll find a Beholder Ring (Slow) and more.

16 - Barricade

If you play a good-aligned character, then you'll get to explore behind the barricade at the end of the game.

  1. Portal to the Arena District.
  2. Portal to the Market Triangle.
  3. Portal to the Harbor Loop.