Companion Quest: The Fate of Mantides
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When you first talk to Mantides (in the Black Eye Tavern in the Harbor Loop), you'll learn that he once was a paladin, but that he fell from grace three years ago when he butchered eight Night Masks during an encounter in Sword Lane. This conversation will trigger the quest.


Nothing much will happen in this quest until you participate in the arena in the Arena District (see the quest entry for The Quivering Thumb for more information). After your first individual bout, Dorn, the father of one of the Night Masks killed by Mantides, will challenge him to a duel. Mantides will defeat Dorn, and Dorn will demand that Mantides finish the job, but Mantides will be conflicted, and he'll ask you what to do.

Mantides the Paladin

If you tell Mantides to let Dorn live, then chances are he'll do as you say, and you'll gain 2 influence with him. Later, near the end of the game, if you follow the good path then you'll run into a death knight named Sir Peregrim. Mantides will challenge him to a duel and probably defeat him easily. After the battle, Mantides will become a paladin again (which will change his class and redistribute his attributes), and he'll automatically receive the greatsword Dawnbringer and Mantides' Full Plate.

Mantides the Champion of Shar

If you tell Mantides to kill Dorn, then chances are he'll do as you say, and you'll lose 2 influence with him. Afterwards, a priestess of Shar will show up and invite Mantides to visit High Priestess Velisha in the Dark Lady's Promise in Undergate. When you go there, Velisha will offer to let Mantides become a Champion of Shar. If your influence with Mantides is low enough, then you'll be able to convince him to take the deal. Mantides won't change his class for this, but he'll receive the armor Night's Embrace and the greatsword Darkstar, and he'll gain the history feats Darkness and Blessed of Shar. Taking this path will prevent Mantides from ever becoming a paladin again.