Quest: Rooting out a Renegade

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You'll receive this quest from Altama when you agree to work with the Ebon Claws.


Altama will tell you that a former adviser of hers named Rujillar recently defected from the Ebon Claws, and that he took some important documents with him when he left. Altama will then ask you to hunt down and kill Rujillar, and to retrieve the documents, and she'll suggest that you talk to a halfling informant named Podrick LeGrantz to learn where he's hiding. You'll find Podrick in his house in the Market Triangle.

When you meet with Podrick, he'll require a little bit of encouragement, but eventually he'll reveal that Rujillar is holed up in the Harbor Loop, and that he's hired some "muscle from the street" to act as his bodyguards. Podrick will then mark the location of Rujillar's hideout on your map (#1).

Inside the hideout, you'll encounter a group of thugs. After the battle, when you loot the corpses, you'll find a Rapier +1, a Heavy Shield +1, and a key on the corpse of the thug leader. The key will allow you to descend into the basement of the hideout.

Inside the basement, you'll encounter Rujillar, a powerful spellcaster. He won't be happy to see you, and, after a short conversation, he'll attack. Since you'll have Rujillar outnumbered four to one, you shouldn't have too much trouble with the battle, and afterwards, when you loot his corpse and the other containers in the room, you'll find Rujillar's Journal, the Stolen Documents, Bracers of Armor +1, a Ring of Protection +1, and lots more.

To complete the quest, you'll just need to deliver the Stolen Documents to Altama in the Sods and Sundries building in the Harbor Loop (#2). She'll reward you with an Ebon Circle, 750 gp, and 2000 xp, and she'll give you your next quest: Go for the Throat.

1 - Rujillar's Hideout

2 - Sods and Sundries