Quest: Hounds in the Night

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You'll receive this quest from Obid Teltas (in the Morningstar Haven in the Arena District) after agreeing to work with the Church of Lathander.


Obid will tell you that a priest named Jeswick Salem has gone missing, and he'll speculate that the Night Masks might be involved. When you visit Salem's family home in the Market Triangle (#1), you'll meet a city guard named Sergeant Wickers out front. Wickers will tell you that the people inside were "massacred" and that only "chunks" of them remain, but he won't be too friendly about it -- until you show him your Domino Mask, and then he'll suddenly change his tune and allow you to go inside.

Inside the house, Wickers will assume that you're with the Night Masks, and he'll reveal that he and Jeswick are informants for that organization. You'll then have two ways to respond -- you can play along, or you can reveal the truth -- but it won't make much of a difference, because even if you lie to Wickers he'll eventually figure out the truth and come after you. So your best option is to reveal the truth right away and then accept a 300 gp bribe from him.

Note: If you're honest with Wickers, then you'll gain influence with Charissa but lose influence with Rinara. If you're dishonest with Wickers, then you'll gain influence with Rinara but lose influence with Charissa and Mantides.

Regardless, when you explore the house, you'll find Jeswick's body with a bloody note on it. The note will mention the Warrens on the eastern side of the Harbor Loop. When you go to there, you'll meet a beggar named Greevel standing at the entrance. No matter what you say to him, he'll offer to guide you inside.

Inside the Warrens, you'll be confronted by Sergeant Wickers and three mercenaries (#2). Wickers will announce that the only way to protect his secret is to kill you, but then he'll hear howling in the distance, and he'll run away. That means you'll only have to face the three mercenaries, which should not be too difficult provided that you take down the dwarf spellcaster first. After the battle, when you loot the remains, you'll find Boots of Reflexes +2, a Battleaxe +1, a Wand of Paralyzation, and more.

As you explore the Warrens, you'll get attacked by a pair of greater shadow mastiffs (#3) and then a shadow wolf (#4). Once you've defeated those enemies, Greevel will reveal himself to be a sorceress named Zymena (and then promptly disappear), and Mantides will mention that he recognized the wolf. When you examine the remains, you'll find Wickers' body nearby, and when you loot it you'll find a Longsword +2, a Cloak of Protection +2, and more.

Finally, when you return to Obid to tell him what you learned, he'll reward you with the amulet Lathander's Favor plus 2000 xp, and he'll even allow you to take some of the credit for your work.

Note: At any time after learning the truth about Wickers, but before triggering the quest Assassination Games, you can travel to City Watch barracks in the Arena District and inform Captain Fennesh about Wickers' involvement with the Night Masks. This will earn you 50 xp and a point of influence with Charissa. However, if you vowed to Wickers that you would keep his secret, then tattling on him to Fennesh will make you more chaotic.

1 - Massacre House

2 - Wickers Encounter

3 - Shadow Mastiffs

4 - Shadow Wolf