Quest: Golden Statue of Lathander (Ebon Claws)

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This is the third Ebon Claws quest. You'll receive it from Altama after completing the quest Go for the Throat.


Once again, Altama won't have anything new to report about your mask, but she'll offer you this "delicious" quest to tide you over. She'll tell you that the Night Masks are planning to steal a golden statue of Lathander while it's being transported from the docks, and she'll ask you to "pounce" on the Night Masks and steal the statue for the Ebon Claws. To get the quest started, you'll need to talk to Altama and tell her that you're ready.

When you arrive at the docks (#1), after a short cut scene, you'll enter combat against a group of Night Mask thugs. If you're playing a caster of some sort, then a single fireball will take most of them out. Otherwise, you'll just have to grind through them, but either way the battle shouldn't be too difficult. After the battle, you'll collapse to the ground and have an odd vision, and your Domino Mask will gain some new properties.

On your way to report in to Altama, you'll meet a messenger, who will summon you to the Tower in the Market Triangle. The encounter will trigger the quest An Unexpected Message, which will lead to a series of quests from Pentical Bleth.

To complete this quest, you'll just need to talk to Altama in the Sods and Sundries (#2). She'll reward you with an Ebon Cape and 2000 xp.

1 - Docks

2 - Sods and Sundries