Side Quest: The Quivering Thumb
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After meeting with Pentical Bleth in the Market Triangle Tower (see the quest entry for An Unexpected Message for more information), when you exit the Tower you'll be met by "your most humble servant" Mazzar Devali. He'll tell you about the wonders of the arena in the Arena District, and he'll invite you to compete. At the end of your conversation with Mazzar, you'll receive the quest.


When you arrive at the arena entrance, you'll meet Benevolent Kalim, the promoter of the individual battles, and Dutiful Azram, the promoter of the group battles. They'll invite you to participate in the arena. Each time you win a battle, you'll rise up in rank and face a new competitor. If you can defeat all eight competitors, then you'll be named the Champion of the Arena, and you'll gain 2000 xp. All of the battles are non-lethal, and the individual battles can be repeated (once you've lost one), which means that you can use them to grind some gp and xp if you want. The battles are described below.

Note: Any buffs you add to you or your party outside of the arena will stay with you when you enter the arena (except against the Twilight Knight). So it's a good idea to buff up as much as possible before going in, especially for the later battles.

Another Note: The promoters will heal you in between battles, but you'll still need to visit some nearby building to rest up and regain your spells.

A Third Note: It's possible that after completing an individual battle, your companions will stop following you. To fix this, you should right-click on the ground, wait for a menu to pop up, and then select "Broadcast Command: Attack Nearest" from the menu.

Individual battles:
  • Turfang, a shaman. You'll receive 500 gp for defeating him.

  • The Masked Marauder, a rogue. You'll receive 1250 gp for defeating her.

  • Jargle, a frost giant. You'll receive 2500 gp for defeating him. Jargle is a powerful melee fighter, but he's big and slow. If you have a haste spell on you, then you should be able to ping him to death with ranged attacks while maintaining your distance from him.

  • Maevhaun, a Night Mask wizard. You'll receive 4000 gp for defeating him.

  • The Twilight Knight, a vampire warrior. You'll receive 10,000 gp for defeating him. The Knight will use slashing attacks against you, and so it's a good idea to pick up the Swordsman's Belt from the Bent Mermaid Inn (in the Arena District). Otherwise, you'll just need to wait until you've gained enough levels and acquired enough healing potions to defeat him.
Group battles:
  • The Purple Legion, a group of former Purple Knights of Cormyr. You'll receive 1000 gp for defeating them.

  • The Menagerie, a trio of were-creatures. You'll receive 2500 gp for defeating them. If you save the slaves originally slated to face the Menagerie, and then purchase them and free them, then your alignment will shift 1 point towards good.

  • The Dukes of Daggerford, a powerful group of adventurers. You'll receive 7500 gp for defeating them. This is the toughest battle in the game, and you might need to wait until the very end of the campaign to have a chance at winning. For best results, you should try to take out the three spellcasters before worrying about the rest of the group.