Quest: Rats to the Slaughter (Evil Path)

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You'll receive this quest from Orbakh once he's transformed you into a vampire.


Orbakh will give you a Map to Ebon Claw Hideout, and he'll order you to slake your new thirst on the "rats" of that order. To reach the hideout, you'll need to leave Orbakh's inner sanctum via the portal on the southern side, then use the statue in the Catacombs to arrive in Undergate, and then pass between the rocks on the eastern side of Undergate to enter the Old Sewer Section. The latter step will require you to use your gaseous form, and so Mantides, if he's still with you, won't be able to follow.

Inside the Old Sewer Section, you'll meet up with a trio of vampires. You won't be able to control these vampires, but they'll follow along behind you and attack anything that threatens you. The vampires will also regenerate any health they lose, but they won't get back up if killed during combat, and so you might need to be careful with them (or not, since the battles in the sewers should be pretty easy). As you explore the sewers with the vampires, you'll have to deal with some wererat archers (#2, #5), but you'll get to use your vampire powers (#1, #4, #7), and you might even get to call a quelzarn to help you out (#6).

At the end of the sewers you'll find the entrance to the Ebon Claw Hideout (Exit B). Inside, you'll have to battle Tasheni, the leader of the Ebon Claws (and Mantides' former lover), plus a bunch of wererats, wererat lieutenants, and fire knives. If you're playing a caster, then you might be able to simply bomb your enemies into oblivion, but otherwise you'll need to make good use of your vampire feats, and dominate some of the enemies to help you out, and switch to gaseous form if you begin taking too much damage. Your vampire allies will help you in this battle, and they'll do a nice job of getting in the way of your enemies, giving you time to cast.

Note: You'll only be able to dominate one enemy at a time. We weren't ever able to dominate any of the wererats, but the three fire knives make good targets for it.

Once you've defeated everybody, Orbakh will show up and reveal his plans to turn humans into "cattle for a great nation of vampires," and that's how the quest and campaign will end.

1 - Drain Pipes

You can use the pipes to sneak up behind the wererat archers (#2) and make the battle against them much easier.

2 - Wererat Archers

3 - Running Water

You won't be able to cross the water, even if you change forms.

4 - Chasm

When you get close to the chasm, a dialogue will pop up allowing you to transform into a bat and fly to the other side. You'll then automatically transform back into vampire form.

5 - Lever / Wererat Archers

The lever here won't do anything.

6 - Lever

If you pull this lever before leaving the platform, then you'll release a quelzarn, which will take out the wererats to the north (#5).

7 - Garlic Door

You'll have two ways of getting past this door. You can dominate the wererat behind it, and order it to unlock the door and remove the garlic, or you can pass a will check and remove the garlic yourself, and then bash down the door.

  1. Exit to Undergate.
  2. Exit to the Ebon Claw Hideout.