Quest: The Church of Lathander
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You'll receive this quest when you talk to the first mate of the Sea Serpent at the start of the campaign.


The first mate will mention that the Church of Lathander plans to "clean up the city," and he'll suggest that such a holy organization might be able to help you with your mask. You'll find the Lathanderites, including acting high priest Obid Teltas, in the Morningstar Haven in the Arena District.

When you show the Domino Mask to Obid, he'll determine that it is indeed cursed, and that while it once belonged to a Night Mask, it is now tied to a spirit whose "need for vengeance is terrible." Obid will then speculate that learning more about the Night Masks might also teach you something about the spirit and the mask. To that end he'll offer you the quest Hounds in the Night. If you accept the quest, then you'll begin following the Church of Lathander path through the campaign, and you'll earn 1500 xp.

Note: Joining the Church of Lathander will prevent you from joining the Ebon Claws. The Church of Lathander is a little more righteous than the Ebon Claws, but characters of any alignment will be able to work with either organization.