Quest: The Curse of the Mask
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You'll start out the campaign on board the Sea Serpent. After waking up from a bad dream, you'll begin talking to the first mate. He'll give you some background information about Westgate and your Domino Mask, including that the Night Masks and Ebon Claws are fighting each other, and that the Church of Lathander is trying to solve the city's problems. When the first mate mentions the Church of Lathander, you'll receive the quest The Church of Lathander.

At the end of the conversation, you'll receive enough xp for your character to reach level 8. After advancing those levels, you should loot the traveler's trunk in your cabin. Inside, you'll find some gear suitable for a level 8 character of your class. Finally, if you're playing a spellcaster, then it's a good idea to rest and memorize spells.

When you exit the ship, you'll run into your friend Rinara. She's one of three companions who can join you for the campaign, and since you'll be able to add all three of them at once, you might as well let her tag along. Plus, she's a rogue and she can disarm traps and pick open locks for you. During your conversation with Rinara, she'll mention the Ebon Claws, which will trigger the quest The Ebon Claws.

When you travel down the dock, you'll run into Fulgrim Bonebreaker, the "Laird o' the Loop." He'll try to shake you down for some gold, but regardless of how you respond, he'll eventually decide to attack you. Rinara will step in at this point (even if you sent her away before), and Fulgrim will recognize her as the "Lady of Shivs." Fulgrim will then decide that discretion is the better part of valor, and he'll attempt to leave, but Rinara will stab him in the back and kill him. Rinara will then admit to formerly being with the Night Masks, and during the ensuing conversation, she'll trigger the quest Rinara's Fortune.

Note: If you paid Fulgrim to let you pass, then you'll find your gold when you loot his corpse.

After the confrontation with Fulgrim, you should head into the Black Eye Tavern. Inside, you'll witness some drunken patrons taunting a fallen paladin named Mantides. Mantides is another potential companion. Regardless of what you say to him, he'll offer to join you, but he'll recognize Rinara, and you'll learn that Mantides fell from grace when he butchered eight Night Masks during the "Sword Lane business" three years ago (Rinara was the ninth Night Mask, but she escaped). The conversation will also trigger the quest The Fate of Mantides.

Note: If you want Mantides to become a paladin again, then you should gain influence with him. If you want him to fall even further from grace, then you should lose influence with him.

As you explore Westgate, you'll find several side quests to complete, including Okuzo's Honor in the Harbor Loop and The King of Spiders in the Market Triangle, and you'll also meet your third and final companion, Charissa, in the Morningstar Haven in the Arena District. But eventually you'll need to pick one of two potential allies, the Church of Lathander or the Ebon Claws, and allow them to help you investigate your mask.

Each ally will give you a series of three quests to complete, but these quests will help your ally much more than they'll help you. Fortunately, after the third quest, you'll learn of a new ally: Pentical Bleth in the Market Triangle Tower. Bleth will give you a series of quests as well, but from working with her you'll learn that vampires have taken control of Westgate, and you'll eventually encounter the head vampire, Orbakh (aka the Faceless), in his inner sanctum.

When you meet with Orbakh, he'll tell you that he has two ways that he can help you with your cursed mask. The first way is a duplicate mask, which he'll claim can cancel out the curse on your mask. The second way is to become a vampire. Since vampires do not sleep, your mask would then no longer be able to haunt your dreams. The decision you make here will change the path you take to the ending of the game.

The Evil Path

If you agree to become a vampire, then Altama and the Ebon Claws will show up to attack you and Orbakh, and your companions will turn against you (unless Mantides became a Champion of Shar, and then he'll stay with you). After the battle, you'll be able to loot the gear from your former companions, and you'll also find Altama's Equalizer and more on Altama's corpse. Then Orbakh will transform you into a vampire, which will give you a host of new feats and attribute bonuses, but you'll become completely evil, and resting will no longer regenerate your health.

As a vampire, you'll be under Orbakh's control, and he'll order you to defeat the Ebon Claws. This is covered in the quest entry for Rats to the Slaughter. Completing that quest will also complete this quest and the campaign.

The Good Path

If you refuse to become a vampire, then Altama and the Ebon Claws will show up to help you attack Orbakh -- which is a good thing, because Orbakh is tough. Just remember that you can use healing spells to damage the undead, so if you have Charissa memorize a bunch of Heal and Destruction spells, then you should be able to drain Orbakh's health pretty quickly. Once you've done enough damage to Orbakh, he'll flee to his sarcophagus, but the Ebon Claws will take the opportunity to attack you. The fight against the Ebon Claws should not be difficult (especially compared to Orbakh), and when you loot their corpses, you'll find Altama's Equalizer and more.

Next up you'll need to follow Orbakh to his sarcophagus and acquire his mask. This is covered in the quest entry for In Pursuit of the Faceless. Afterwards, when you leave Orbakh's inner sanctum, a banshee named Elandra will command you to go to Undergate, put on your Domino Mask, and "see with my eyes." When you do this, you'll detect a series of glowing footprints that will lead you to a barricade. When you examine the barricade, you'll discover a tunnel behind it, and when you go through the tunnel you'll arrive at the Human Cattle Factory.

Inside the factory, you'll have to battle a handful of gnome vampires, and you'll stumble over the corpse of Obid Teltas, but eventually you'll come to Sir Peregrim, Elandra's guardian. If you've been playing a good character, and if you've been gaining influence with Mantides, then Mantides will challenge Sir Peregrim to a duel, and probably defeat him easily. This will restore Mantides to being a paladin and complete the quest The Fate of Mantides. Otherwise, you'll just have to battle Sir Peregrim and the skeletal minions with him. Either way, you'll find a Scythe +4 and a Ring of the Shattered Vow on Peregrim's remains.

Past Sir Peregrim, you'll encounter Elandra. When you talk to her, she'll ask you to quickly put on your Domino Mask while she's still able control her impulses. If you do this, then Elandra won't cast any nasty spells on you when she subsequently attacks you, making the battle against her much easier.

After defeating Elandra, the sorceress Zymena will enter the chamber and declare herself the winner of the game. However, immediately following this, Orbakh will reveal that he's still alive, which will cause Zymena to transform herself into demon form and attack you. You'll then have to defeat Zymena and a pair of erinyes.

Zymena is a big, nasty spellcaster, but we found her to be surprisingly easy to defeat. Just take down the erinyes first while healing your party to keep everyone alive, and then gang up on Zymena. When Zymena dies, the spirit of Elandra will thank you for freeing her from her curse, and she'll teleport you outside -- where you'll encounter Orbakh again. Orbakh won't be pleased that you killed his minions and destroyed his cattle farm, but before he can do anything about it, the sun will start to rise, and he'll have to flee back to his lair, where he'll no doubt plan for your next meeting.