Quest: Finding a Ship
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You'll receive this quest at the same time that you receive the quest Investigating the Dark Dahlia.


In order to snoop around on the Dark Dahlia, you'll need to find a way to reach it where it is anchored just outside the harbor. To that end you should talk to Captain Merrig in the Black Eye Tavern in the Harbor Loop. After telling him what you need, he'll admit to having a ship, but then he'll go to great lengths to describe the possible dangers involved -- including Captain Gothos One-Eye and his evil spoon -- and he'll demand 40,000 gp to help you out!

There isn't any way to reduce this amount, so you'll have to figure out a way to raise the money. The various side quests in the campaign should provide you with more than enough gold, but beyond that you can ask Pentical Bleth for some help (she'll give you 10,000 gp if you pass a diplomacy check), or you can just camp out at the arena in the Arena District and defeat foes until you've raised what you need.

When you give Captain Merrig his fee, you'll complete the quest and earn 2000 xp.