Quest: The Ebon Claws
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You'll receive this quest when you talk to Rinara at the start of the campaign.


Rinara will suggest that the Ebon Claws, a rival of the Night Masks, might be able to help you discover something about your Domino Mask. To find the Ebon Claws, you'll need to climb down into the sewer beneath the city. You'll find the sewer entrance in the Harbor Loop.

Inside the sewer, you'll have to kill a few rats, but eventually you'll come to a locked door. When you attempt to open the door, you'll hear some giggling behind it, and then a voice will denounce you as a spy and demand that you tell an interesting story. If you comply by describing the events surrounding your Domino Mask, then the door will be opened and you'll be allowed to come inside. Otherwise, the gigglers will start pelting you with crossbow bolts, and you'll be forced to seek assistance elsewhere.

Past the door, you'll meet Altama, the leader of the Ebon Claws. She'll inform you that she knows quite a bit about the Night Masks, and she'll offer to help you with your mask -- provided you perform "certain services" for the Ebon Claws. If you agree to this deal, then you'll complete the quest and earn 1500 xp, and you'll begin working for the Ebon Claws, starting with the quest Rooting out a Renegade. If you refuse (or if you never got in the door at all), then you'll be forced to seek assistance from the Church of Lathander.

Note: If you loot the containers in the Ebon Claw hideout, then you'll find Boots of Reflexes +2, a Cloak of Protection vs Good, and more.