Overview: Harbor Loop

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At some point while you're in the Harbor Loop, you'll get pick pocketed by a commoner. If you chase him down and talk to him, then you'll be given the opportunity to attack him or use diplomacy to get your money back. If you use latter approach, then you'll gain 50 xp.

Somewhere in the Harbor Loop you'll also meet a "professional beggar" named Pudwig. Nothing will come of talking to him.

1 - Starting Point

You'll meet your friend (and companion) Rinara here.

2 - Fulgrim Bonebreaker

Fulgrim will try to shake you down for some money, but regardless of what you say, Rinara will step in and deal with him.

3 - Black Eye Tavern

You'll encounter a fallen paladin named Mantides in the tavern. Regardless of what you say to him, he'll offer to join your party. You'll also meet Little Davey, who will give you the quest Dimples the Dancer, and Captain Merrig, who you'll eventually need to hire for the quest Finding a Ship.

The tavern will also function as your base for the campaign. If you dismiss any of your companions, then they'll wait for you in the tavern, and every time you leave the tavern, you'll be able to select which companions should (or shouldn't) come with you.

4 - Shady Huckster

At various points during the campaign, shady hucksters will show up in the four major districts of Westgate and attempt to sell you special items. Sometimes these items will be valuable, but something they'll be worthless, and only your ability with the Appraise skill will tell you which it is. From what we can tell, the type of item sold by the huckster is fixed at the start of the campaign, but whether the item is good or not is random, and is only decided when you talk to the huckster. So if you want to guarantee that you get a good item, save your game before making the transaction.

The shady huckster in this district will offer you some "genuine dragon blood" for 175 gp, and you'll either get Dragon Blood or Phony Dragon Blood.

5 - Salty Jack

Somewhere around here you'll encounter Salty Jack. If you ask him about the Ebon Claws, then he'll point you to a sewer grate (#15). If you talk to him about anything else, then he'll ask you for gold -- sometimes in amusing ways -- over and over again, and nothing will ever come of it.

6 - Statue

If you read the inscription on this statue, then you'll earn 50 xp. If you read the inscriptions on all four statues in Westgate, then you'll also receive the Tourist feat.

At some point during the campaign, you might notice four adventurers bowing to the statue. They'll eventually realize that a halfling tricked them, and that their bowing won't lead them to King Verovan's treasure -- and they'll blame you for their misfortune! If you succeed in a bluff or intimidate check, then you'll be able to avoid a fight. Otherwise you'll have to battle the adventurers, but you'll find a Halberd +2, Studded Leather Armor +3, and more on their corpses.

7 - Lizardfolk Shaman's Home

You might need to visit this home during the quest Hunt for a Token.

8 - Entrance to the Warrens

You'll only be allowed into the Warrens during the quest Hounds in the Night (for the Church of Lathander).

9 - Pirate Hideout

You'll get to visit the hideout during the quest Head of the Pirates.

10 - Rujillar's Hideout

Rujillar is involved in the quest Rooting out a Renegade (for the Ebon Claws).

11 - Sods and Sundries

If you decide to work with the Ebon Claws, then this is where you'll meet with Altama.

12 - Beggar Woman

The beggar woman will recognize Rinara and call her a murderess. If you convince the woman that she's mistaken, then you'll receive 50 xp and you'll gain influence with Rinara. Otherwise you'll lose influence with Rinara.

13 - Harbormaster's Office

You won't be able to do anything in the harbormaster's office at the start of the game, but eventually it'll come into play during the quest Head of the Pirates.

14 - Rabid Dog

If you're playing a ranger or a druid, then you'll be able to calm the dog and earn 50 xp. If you're playing a healer, then you'll be able to cure the dog's disease and earn 50 xp. You can also kill the dog for some minor xp.

15 - Sewer Grate

You'll need to enter the sewers to complete the quest The Ebon Claws.

16 - Okuzo's Imports

Inside the shop, Okuzo will sell you a small selection of exotic weapons and armor, including Claws of the Jade Panther and the katana Steel Blossom. If you ask Okuzo how she got a scratch under her eye, then she'll give you the quest Okuzo's Honor.

17 - Statue

If you read the inscription on this statue, then you'll earn 50 xp. If you read the inscriptions on all four statues in Westgate, then you'll also receive the Tourist feat.

18 - Barrel

This barrel can play a role in the quest The Tyrran Enclave.

19 - Thayan Compound

You'll need to visit the compound for the quest The Tyrran Enclave.

  1. World exit.