Overview: Arena District

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1 - Cormaeril Company Sheds

This warehouse is involved in the quest Assassination Games (for the Church of Lathander).

2 - Ding Thrush

Ding Thrush is a con artist. He'll give you the "completely accurate recountal of Minx and Bloo's (Minsc and Boo's) visit to Westgate," including their famous catch-phrase, "Cut kindling for wood nests (butt-kicking for goodness)!" He'll also sell you hamsters, fliers, booklets, and pet food -- all of which are fake.

To get something useful from Thrush, you'll need to click on the hamster cage next to him and notice the butterscotch-colored hamster in the corner. Then the next time you try to buy a hamster from him, you'll get a real one. If you activate the hamster in your inventory and follow its directions, then you'll eventually come to a pile of garbage (#9) and trigger the quest The Brotherhood of the Ferret.

3 - Arena Entrance

You won't be able to do anything in the arena until you've triggered the quest The Quivering Thumb.

4 - Brother Tobias Winery

The winery is involved in the quest The BTW Mystery.

5 - Vhammos Mausoleum

The mausoleum is involved in the quest Rinara's Fortune.

6 - Rumbolt's Mansion

This mansion is involved in the quest Go for the Throat (for the Ebon Claws).

7 - Protester

In this area you'll usually run into a protester. Regardless of what you say to him, he'll just keep coming back to this spot to protest something new. Your dialogue with the protester won't lead to anything, even if you sign his petition every time you see him.

8 - Garrett the Bold

Garrett will give you the quest Cloak of Mysteries.

9 - Garbage / Hamster Hole

This location is involved in the quest The Brotherhood of the Ferret.

10 - Bent Mermaid Inn

Inside the inn you'll meet Derian "Sweetharp" Willows, who will sing a ballad for you for 1 gp, and Sami Horngold, who is involved in the quest Head of the Pirates. In a locked wardrobe in one of the back rooms, you'll also find a Swordsman's Belt, a Healer's Kit +10, and more.

11 - Shady Huckster

At various points during the campaign, shady hucksters will show up in the major districts of Westgate and attempt to sell you special items. Sometimes these items will be valuable, but something they'll be worthless, and only your ability with the Appraise skill will tell you which it is. From what we can tell, the type of item sold by the huckster is fixed at the start of the campaign, but whether the item is good or not is random, and is only decided when you talk to the huckster. So if you want to guarantee that you get a good item, save your game before making the transaction.

The shady huckster in this district will offer you Comfortable Boots, Croamarkh's Hat, Sembian Red 1190, or the Map to King Verovan's Treasure for 100-500 gp.

12 - Ritual Chamber

The ritual chamber is involved in the quest The Brotherhood of the Ferret.

13 - Brother Eden's Shrine

This shrine is involved in the quest The Tyrran Enclave.

14 - Statue

If you read the inscription on the statue, then you'll earn 50 xp. If you read the inscriptions on all four statues in Westgate, then you'll also receive the Tourist feat.

13 - City Watch Barracks

You might need to visit the barracks for a few quests, including Dimples the Dancer, Okuza's Honor, and Assassination Games.

14 - Morningstar Haven

The first time you enter the haven, you'll meet a cleric named Charissa, who will offer to join your party. You'll also meet Obid Teltas in the haven. If you ally yourself with the Church of Lathander (by completing the quest The Church of Lathander), then you'll get several quests from Obid.

  1. Broken Lamp Post. If you touch the post and kneel, then you'll get teleported to Undergate.
  2. World exit.